Vote Oct 24 for Melanie Mark

Have you voted yet? 

Already received your vote-by-mail package? If ‘Melanie Mark’ doesn’t appear on the ballot yet, you can just write BC NDP or Melanie Mark on your blank ballot. If you receive an ordinary ballot, you will be able to clearly vote for me by marking an X beside my name.

Remember, in order for your ballot to count, Elections BC must receive it by 8pm on October 24th. 

In Vancouver-Mount Pleasant, the following polling stations will be open for voting on Saturday October 24th from 8:00am-8:00pm: (you can vote at any of them)

Admiral Seymour Elem School
1130 Keefer St

Beijing Building
89 E Pender St

Charles Dickens Elem School
1010 E 17th Ave

Grandview Elem School
2055 Woodland Dr

Lord Strathcona Elem School
592 E Pender St

Mt. Pleasant Elem School
2300 Guelph St

Queen Alexandra Elem School
1300 E Broadway

Tyee Elem School
3525 Dumfries St

You can also vote or drop off your mail in ballot at any of these voting locations on election day,

Accessible voting is available for at-risk voters, voters who are in self-isolation during the last week of the election period, and voters with disabilities. These options include curbside voting, assisted telephone voting, and site-based voting. Please contact Voter Services at Elections BC for more information: 1-800-661-8683. 

However you choose to vote, I encourage you to exercise your democratic right. People have sacrificed their lives fighting for our rights. Let’s make sure we honour our ancestors by getting out to vote.


T’ooyaksim’ N’iisim’,

Melanie Mark
Hli Haykwhl Ẃii Xsgaak|馬蘭妮
BC NDP Candidate for Vancouver Mount Pleasant