Melanie Mark will be an excellent representative for Vancouver-Mt. Pleasant.  With her experience and expertise, she will be a strong principled voice for equality and justice for our community. Let's make history together and elect the first ever First Nations woman to the BC Legislature. - Jenny Kwan, MP Vancouver East and former Vancouver Mt. Pleasant MLA

Melanie has deep roots in community activism and Mount Pleasant residents are much  better off for her efforts. She will be a dedicated, focussed, smart and passionate MLA for everyone. We need her in Victoria. - Joy MacPhail, former MLA for Vancouver Hastings-Sunrise

Melanie Mark is a strong voice, representing and advocating for some of the most vulnerable people in our community. She will be a formidable MLA in Victoria, holding Christy Clark and the BC Liberals to account for record-high levels of poverty and bringing forward innovative solutions. Our community has a proud record of blazing trails and making history. Let's continue that by sending this amazing woman to Victoria to represent us all." — Libby Davies, former MP for Vancouver East

The defeat of Stephan Harper represents an important milestone in our struggle to liberate our country from the tyranny of the conservative right. In this regard, we are halfway to our goal. Now, we must rid ourselves of the Christie Clark government in BC. We believe Melanie Mark's victory in the upcoming by election is an essential step forward toward ousting the BC Liberals. We are deeply honored and proud to declare our support for Melanie Mark in her campaign to win the upcoming byelection. - Joan & Grand Chief Stewart Phillip

I'm proud to endorse Melanie Mark for MLA in Vancouver - Mt Pleasant. She's has been a fierce advocate for the most vulnerable in our province - many of whom live right here in our community - and I know she'll give a voice to the environment and a sustainable economy. - Andrea Reimer, Vision Vancouver City Councilor

I wholeheartedly support the nomination of Melanie Mark for MLA for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant. This riding is a great fit for Melanie to utilize the knowledge and skills that she has developed over many years of working directly with community members and organizations. Stepping into the political ring is a natural progression in the great advocacy work that she has carried out with and for many individuals and organizations. Her drive, commitment, broad-based knowledge, and strong work ethic will help her to meet the unique needs of the Vancouver-Mount Pleasant constituents. - Lynda Gray, author of First Nations 101 and former Executive Director of the Urban Native Youth Association

As a working single mother Melanie understands the stresses lack of quality affordable childcare has on a family. Parents in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant will be fortunate to have a strong advocate who will fight to make sure families receive the support they need. - Sharon Gregson, Childcare Advocate

Melanie understands the diverse needs of this community--and she listens. As an MLA, I know Melanie will continue to listen to the community and act on their concerns, and that's just one of the reasons I'm proud to support her and I know she will be a strong voice for us. - George Chow

Melanie's optimism, determination and commitment to social justice is impressive and its exactly what is needed in Vancouver Mount Pleasant. - Robert Demand, President, UNITE HERE! Local 40

I have met Melanie Mark only recently and I have been very impressed by her dedication and enthusiasm to contribute to social justice in our community. She has herself lived through tough times and has built amazing strength from the experience as well as a deep understanding of the less fortunate among us. We have needed for a long time to have representatives of our First Nations in the legislature, in particular First nations women, and I cannot think of a better candidate to fulfil this role. She is warm, hard-working and open-minded, she listens to people’s concerns and takes them to heart. I would feel incredibly lucky to have her represent our community as our member of the legislative assembly. I am confident that Melanie has the skills, character and life experience to carry out such an important responsibility. - Maryvon Delanoë, Long time NDP member and Strathcona resident

I am honoured and privileged to support Melanie Mark in her candidacy. It is important that Aboriginal issues are reflected and politically raised as our democratic, customary and constitutional rights. Ms. Mark is the ideal candidate to achieve this goal based on her proven track record that not only meets but exceeds academic and professional standards. In the 20 years I have know Ms. Mark, I have witnessed her dedication, passion, strength, intelligence and endurance in her academic, family and career pursuits. I offer my unequivocal support to Ms. Mark and the NDP.

As a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated enterprise, Cedar Root Gallery has been in business for 23 years. We are proud of the many contributions Cedar Root Gallery has made to our community and all our customers. Melanie Mark and her family have been integral to the survival and longevity of Cedar Root Gallery. Moreover, we have always appreciated Ms. Mark’s support and encouragement in all our business practices. - Nadia Belokopitov, LLB., B.A. (Hons.) Owner, Cedar Root Gallery

I have only recently met Melanie and was immediately impressed by her enthusiasm, optimism and unabashed willingness to take on issues, whatever they might be.  Her own life and work experiences have exposed her to the essential issues facing many British Columbians.  She would be an excellent representative for Vancouver Mount Pleasant and a refreshing addition to the NDP Party I whole heartedly endorse her bid for this nomination. - Joyce Preston, Retired Social worker, former child, Youth and Family Advocate for British Columbia, former Director of Social Planning for the City of Vancouver, manager and social worker for the Ministry for Children and Families for 20 years

I thought Melanie was impressive with her vast experience in Mt. Pleasant, and then I got the opportunity to meet her. I was completely amazed by her enthusiasm, determination and love for the community. She cares deeply about this place and I know will make an excellent MLA for Mt. Pleasant. We are in good hands with Melanie Mark. - Samantha Monckton, Strathcona resident and small business owner

I’m supporting Melanie Mark because I believe she is the best person to represent the constituency of Mount Pleasant. Melanie has both professional and experiential knowledge of many of the issues that touch the residents of the riding. That matters to me, because this is my home. Melanie is a fighter. With a powerful intellect and grounded well in her heart, Melanie Mark will be a strong voice for our community. From our affordable housing crisis to the failings of our foster care system, I know Melanie will fight for Mount Pleasant and social justice for all British Columbians. - Trish Kelly- writer, social justice activist and past co-chair of the Vancouver Food Policy Council

The job of the Vancouver-Mount Pleasant MLA is always and primarily the work of an advocate. Melanie Mark's experience growing up in the constituency, as well as her understanding of government make her the ideal candidate. On the issues, Melanie will make sure our neighbourhood continues to lead in providing and promoting necessary public health solutions. I trust Melanie's work as MLA will be guided by solid principles, and driven by her personal connection to this community. - Nathan Allen

It's been my pleasure and privilege to work with Melanie Mark for many years while she carried out very important work in her roles as President of the Vancouver Aboriginal Policing Centre, President at Urban Native Youth Association and her strong leadership in the Office of the Representative for Children and Youth.   Aboriginal, non-Aboriginal youth and other community members have and continue to be the beneficiaries of her strong advocacy. I am excited and proud to play a role in supporting Melanie to be the first female First Nations MLA. - Robert Wilmot, Manager Broadway Youth Resource Centre 2004 to 2012.

I have known Melanie Mark for over 20 years, initially at youth in government care events when she was a young leader and later as she progressed in her career. Over the years we have had many coffees, talking about the issues she faces every day in her personal and professional life - supporting people who are trying to be heard, advocating with community for systemic changes that will make real differences for people and challenging interests that are not accustomed to these encounters. Her first strategy is honey but she has other advocacy ingredients if that is what is needed. I have seen her use these resources effectively. With this knowledge and experience I believe she will be a new, exciting and dynamic voice in the NDP, an effective MLA and advocate for Mount Pleasant and the first, First Nations woman in the British Columbia legislature. - Ian Mass, retired Executive Director of Pacific Community Resources Society, Vancity Community Foundation, Deputy Child, Youth and Family Advocate of B.C. and 10 year president and treasurer, Vancouver Fraserview BC NDP.

Melanie is a the kind of candidate needed by the NDP - spirited and committed, yet young, energetic and dynamic.  Her effectiveness as a speaker and advocate will serve the people of Vancouver Mt Pleasant well and she will be able to continue her role working to bring about real change to both First Nations people and to our children in need. - Ruth Herman, Vancouver Community Activist, Co-chair of Vancouver South African Film Festival, past president of REACH Community Health Centre, board member of Cedar Cottage Food Network, former Vancouver School Board trustee, member of One City

"It is an honour to endorse Melanie Mark for the NDP MLA for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant riding.  I have only recently met Melanie and was immediately impressed by her enthusiasm, optimism and unabashed willingness to take on issues, whatever they might be. Melanie is a the kind of candidate needed in our riding - she has strong leadership, advocacy, communication, facilitation and interpersonal skills. She manages to balance her strong work ethic with providing her family with quality time. I believe she will make an excellent Member of the Legislative Assembly. - Roberta Robertson

What impresses me about Melanie Mark is her commitment to rights based treatment for our children - especially our most vulnerable children.  For Melanie, when it comes to children it's not about good wishes, or charity, or political trade-offs.  It's about children's right to a safe, secure and productive life. - David Chudnovsky, retired teacher and MLA for Vancouver Kensington, past President of the BC Teachers Federation

I am honoured to support Melanie Mark, as a candidate, I have known her for approximately 15 years and have witnessed her growth and development in her professional development and achievements. Melanie is a young woman with strong leadership, advocacy, communication, facilitation and interpersonal skills. She manages to balance her strong work ethic with providing her family with quality time. Melanie has the ability to make sound decisions and demonstrates ingenuity in achieving results. Throughout her educational and professional life Melanie has maintained strong ties to her cultural practices, customs and tradition. Melanie has been involved in many roles of governance within the Aboriginal and community at large and has provided an excellent role model to youth from many communities. I believe she will make an excellent Member of the Legislative Assembly. - Susan Tatoosh, Executive Director of Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society

I first met Melanie approximately 20 years ago when I was employed with the Vancouver Police Department and she was working with  Save The Children, I remember being impressed with her knowledge and work ethics, she has matured and grown from those days to become an incredibly strong voice for all People ,I was extremely happy when she informed me she was running for office just recently, her background in  the Representative for Children and Youth office and her knowledge of the many issues and her commitment to making Vancouver a better place to live will make her an excellent candidate for office. - Dave Dickson, retired Police Officer still working in the Downtown Eastside

It is an honor to endorse Melanie Mark for the MLA for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant riding. I have worked with this highly gifted and caring individual for over fifteen years. She is smart, intuitive and works for the community. She has said since I first met her 15 years ago she wanted to be involved in politics and she has been learning surveying and gaining an understanding of the political world. She has been an advocate both personally and professionally in her private, public and professional life. She has boundless energy as a mother of two wonderful girls and is patient respectful and committed to making the community a better place. Her visioning and work ethic positions her well to represent Mount Pleasant as their MLA. - Servants Anonymous Society