A strong record of standing up for our community

• Affordable Housing: Fighting for a province-wide housing plan to ensure that no one goes without access to secure, safe and affordable housing.

• Green Jobs for a Brighter Future: Creating good jobs close to home in our vibrant neighbourhoods and driving innovation by investing in clean, renewable energy.

• Children and Families: Protecting the most vulnerable members of our community by fighting for a poverty reduction plan.

• Investing in Education: ensuring that all children have fair and equal opportunity to thrive.


• 可負擔房屋:爭取全省的房屋計劃,確保所有人都能夠獲得穩固,安全和可負擔的房屋 。

• 光輝未來的綠色工作:在我們充滿朝氣的社區創設良好的就業機會,並且投資創造創新,潔淨和可循環的能源 。

• 兒童及家庭:保護我們社區內最弱勢的成員,爭取減低貧窮的扶貧計劃 。

• 投資教育:確保所有兒童都有公平和平等的發展機會 。